Athavan’s Adventures: How I got to Worlds

Once a head judge (and judging on-stream at the Oceania International Championships), this season Athavan Akilan switched gears, qualifying as a player for the 2019 Pokémon TCG World Championships — fulfilling a childhood dream to play at the Worlds Championships (and win a bet against a certain player to beat his CP for previous season). […]

Kash Stats: My Singapore SPE Top 8 Story

Written by Kashvinder Singh Guest writer at Team Rainbow Wing Kashvinder Singh managed to secure his first Top 8 placing in a major competition, at the recent Singapore SPE 2019. An all-round nice guy and good friend to many players in the local community, we couldn’t be more proud for him. Here’s his thoughts going […]

Hasbani Highlights: Zoroark-GX/Dewgong

by Christian Hasbani We at Team Rainbow Wing are pleased to welcome one of the top Oceania Pokémon TCG players, Christian Hasbani to our team of guest writers. To kick off his new column Hasbani Highlights, he looks at the new Zoroark GX/Dewgong archetype and his take on the deck. My name is Christian Hasbani, […]

The Resurgence of Zygarde-GX

For most people that have been following the metagame since the tail-end of last season, Zygarde-GX has been getting a cult following since it was popularized by Klive Aw in the run-up to the 2018 World Championships, with the Singaporean piloting it to a popular third place in Nashville. Many people have attempted to bring […]