The Lowdown on Oceania Internationals

As the Oceania International Championships come to a close over the last weekend, some players were given a shock surprise of a new archetype that seemed to have taken the tournament by storm – Decidueye GX. As if players were given a warning beforehand, Decidueye GX did take a 2nd place finish in the Collinsville […]

League Challenge Results & Analysis – Feb & Mar 2017

With the conclusion of the 4th and final League Challenge held within the Klang Valley, here is a compilation of all results. The first League Challenge saw the first time Sun & Moon cards being tournament legal, with a good number of players starting to experiment with new card combos. League Challenge – 18 February […]

The Expert Belt – 1st March 2017

Greetings and welcome back to another weekly edition of The Expert Belt! This time we have a whole lot going on so let’s get right to the point. With the release of the Sun & Moon expansion, we are introduced to many different and unique GX attackers. Here in Malaysia, if you are not around […]