Aaron’s Choice: SM2 Guardians Rising Top 5 & Top 5 from PRC-SUM That You Should Have! BONUS: Pre-Release Guide!

The Pokemon TCG is an investment. Don’t worry, I ain’t gonna start a lecture on Finance 101, but here’s the reason why I started with that statement: I believe hobbies and lifestyle choices, like TCGs in this instance, are choices we make in order to obtain a sort of ‘return’ – be it unquantifiable factors […]

Result Watch – April 2017

We’ve just wrapped up a busy weekend for a number of Malaysians competing overseas and so here are updates on all the action that happened. But before we get to those results, we’d also like to update on 2 League Challenges that occurred in April. Perhaps this will give a hint on what would be […]

Where to Play ?

Wondering where to hang out on weekends and get your weekly fix of some friendly Pokemon action ? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered ! We’ve prepared a compilation of weekend Pokemon leagues happening in the Klang Valley area. So if you’re wondering where to get some playtesting done over the weekend to prepare for […]