2017 Malaysia Regional Championships Results

The 2017 Malaysia Regional Championships had just been concluded over the weekend (6-7 May) at Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur, with a total participation of 151 players, consisting of 134 Masters, 9 Seniors, and 8 Juniors, a record-high for all Regional Championships held in Malaysia so far ! Kaiwen Cabbabe, who came all the way from Australia, faced Lim Jit Min of Singapore in the finals, which featured a close match between 2 Decidueye GX decks (one with Vileplume, the other without).

With that, we have the final results as well as a deck breakdown and analysis for one of the final premier events without the new Guardians Rising expansion.


Here are some numbers from the tournament :

Top16 consisted of :

  • 4 Decidueye GX/Vileplume (25%)
  • 2 Darkrai EX (12.5%)
  • 2 Volcanion EX (12.5%)
  • 2 M Mewtwo EX/Garbodor (12.5%)
  • 2 M Rayquaza EX (12.5%)
  • 1 M Gardevoir EX STS/PRC (6.25%)
  • 1 Darkrai EX/Giratina EX (6.25%)
  • 1 Decidueye GX (6.25%)
  • 1 Lapras GX (6.25%)

Top8 consisted of :

  • 3 Decidueye GX/Vileplume (37.5%) & 1st place
  • 1 Decidueye GX (12.5%)
  • 1 Darkrai EX (12.5%)
  • 1 Volcanion EX (12.5%)
  • 1 M Gardevoir EX (12.5%)
  • 1 M Mewtwo EX/Garbodor (12.5%)

Decidueye GX/Vileplume remains to be one of the more dominant decks in the format, taking up a quarter of the Top16, 3 spots in the Top8, and winning the entire tournament. However, players have very much adjusted to playing decks that are still able to match the potential of Decidueye GX/Vileplume as demonstrated in a relatively diverse Top16, with 9 different decks being played.

Some fun facts :

  • With 151 participants (134MA/9SR/8JR), this is the biggest ever Regional Championship hosted in Malaysia, and the biggest ever Premier Event in Malaysia in the recent 10 years.
  • The event (TCG only) was attended by participants from at least 8 different countries, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  • Top8 is represented by players from 4 different countries, namely Malaysia (3), Indonesia (3), Singapore (1), and Australia (1).
  • There was a live stream provided by The Rainbow Wing, it can be found at this link.

We hope you find this information useful and if you haven’t yet, do follow us on Facebook as we will regularly make updates on tournaments in the South East Asia region.

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