Rogue Rodents 1: Raticate BREAK/Nihilego GX

Welcome to the first edition of Rogue Rodents, where we feature playable rogue decks sure to take your opponent by surprise.

The name of our new recurring feature is inspired by our first deck highlight, the local fan favourite Sin Tuck Wai’s Raticate BREAK/Nihilego GX. The deck became talk of the community when it placed 2nd in a League Challenge on 2 December, and recently resurfaced to make Top 8 (Masters only) in last weekend’s (3 February) League Challenge.

While initially inspired from a build by DarkIntegralGaming, Tuck Wai has gradually adapted the deck build to fit the current metagame. If you haven’t faced it before, you are definitely in for a wonderful surprise.

Sin Tuck Wai - Raticate BREAK Nihilego GX

The aim of this deck is to combine Raticate BREAK’s Super Fang attack which leaves your opponent with 10 HP, along with Nihilego GX’s Ability to induce poison and confusion on your opponent’s active Pokémon when it is played onto the field. With 10 HP remaining, the poison will instantly KO the defending Pokémon.

If luck isn’t on your side and Nihilego GX is nowhere to be seen, the deck also has 3 Poison Barb (Sun & Moon) Item cards to continue the Super Fang + Poison combo. The downside is your opponent has to hit your Pokémon with the Poison Barb to be actually poisoned. Smarter players won’t attack unless they are sure they are in control of the game.

As with most current decks, Brigette makes the best first turn play – searching for 2 Rattata and 1 Zorua.

As the Raticate line in the deck has below average HP, a Mr Mime (Breakthough/Generations) is included to mitigate the popular Buzzwole variants from sniping benched Rattata. A Mewtwo (Evolutions) is also added to try and flip the Buzzwole GX matchup to your favour, but Buzzwole GX is still an uphill battle for this deck.

Draw support is covered by the ever popular Zoroark GX, and 4 Puzzle of Time helps to recycle any cards required to keep the Super Fang + Poison combo flowing. 3 Evosoda not only helps to keep evolving Raticates, but also to evolve Zorua during the intitial set up.

Tuck Wai says possible changes include switching Mewtwo with Mew EX, which is able to copy Zoroark GX’s Riotous Beating, or adding another one-prize attacker.

With Ultra Prism becoming legal, there might be more new tricks for the first deck in the Rogue Rodents gallery. We’ll be updating this post when that happens.


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