Rogue Rodents 2: Luxio Counter

Welcome once again to Rogue Rodents, our monthly feature of playable rogue decks sure to take your opponent by surprise.

Our second feature comes straight from the 3rd Singapore League Cup of this season: Joey Ho’s Luxio Counter deck.

The build for this deck was inspired by Joey’s fondness for item lock-type decks. After Seismitoad EX was rotated from Standard, he felt it was a challenge for him to re-build a strong and feasible item lock deck once more.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 1.02.50 PM
11th Place – Singapore League Cup 3 2017/18 – Joey Ho

The concept of this deck, he explains, is to use Luxio (Ultra Prism) to prevent your opponent from using Item cards at the beginning of the game. Using Luxio’s low HP as an advantage, Joey encourages his opponent to take Prize Cards early in the game.

With a Prize Card disadvantage, the deck can use Counter Energy to play against the current metagame – Keldeo (Shining Legends) for Volcanion EX and Turtonator GX, Sudowoodo (Breakpoint) to counter big damage attacks (like Tapu Bulu GX and Dusk Mane Necrozma) as well as the ever-popular Zoroark GX, Mew EX for the Buzzwole GX matchups, and Silvally GX with Fire Memory to counter Golisopod GX.

If this deck has one weakness, it’s the number of beefy, big HP Pokémon that has been dominating the metagame. Plus, the bulk of the counter-based Pokémon used in this deck relies heavily on your opponent, which means a smart player could:

  • Use a weaker attack to counter Sudowoodo (Breakpoint) Watch and Learn.
  • Don’t bench any Pokémon to control Keldeo’s (Shining Legends) damage output.

Silvally GX has been taking a lot of flak for its poor showing in tournaments, with only one 2nd Place finish in the London International 2017/18 Season by Zakary Krekeler.

But Joey found Silvally GX to be the perfect partner in this Counter-focused, item lock deck.

  • Being a Colorless Pokémon, it is able to utilise any Energy from the deck
  • It’s Rebel GX attack makes your opponent think twice about placing additional  Pokémon to their bench
  • Turbo Drive is able to help finish off whatever Pokémon that Luxio has damaged prior, during the item lock
  • With Buzzwole GX being the top deck currently, the additional Psychic Memory acts as a backup to Mew EX to create a better match up
  • The Fire Memory is added specifically to one hit KO Golisopod GX, especially because Zoroark GX/Golisopod GX decks utilise Acerola to make two hits impossible

The deck includes one Luxray (Ultra Prism) to deal the final blow – Volt Bolt deals 150 damage to any one opponent Pokémon on the field, even to benched Pokémon.

Joey mentions this attack catches many opponents by surprise. He could intentionally leave a Tapu Lele GX with less than 150 HP on the opponent’s bench, or if the opponent used Tapu Lele GX to KO a Luxio, he can immediately deal a return KO using Luxray and a Choice Band.

The strength of this deck is its versatility. You can slow your opponent to a halt with Luxio, go for rush beatdown with Silvally GX, or play the patient game using Counter Energy and the many counter-based Pokémon in the deck.

Joey says this is a deck that you are able to change your play-style anytime between games and catch your opponent completely off guard. The many ways to play this deck can also prove to be confusing, so many practice games are needed to figure out the best plays each turn.

Joey says he is waiting for upcoming sets to see if there is a way for further improvements, but he will definitely bring this deck to another tournament once the right card (or two) crops up.


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