Rogue Rodents 3: Rampardos/Lucario GX/Zoroark GX

Welcome once again to Rogue Rodents, our monthly feature of playable rogue decks sure to take your opponent by surprise. Our third feature is March’s League Challenge 7th place deck – Samuel Lim’s Rampardos/Lucario GX/Zoroark GX deck. Rampardos (Ultra Prism) is a Stage 2 Fighting Pokémon with two very interesting attacks. The first, Clean Hit, […]

Event Report: Malaysia League Challenge April 2018

Another month, another great round of League Challenges wrapped up over the weekend. Unlike the Buzzwole-GX dominance that is happening throughout the Pokémon TCG global scene, there weren’t many players who played it this time around. We believe most players probably anticipated Buzzwole-GX variants to be played the most and brought decks that can hold their […]