Pokémon TCG Meta-Snapshot May/June 2018: Road to Malaysia Regional Championships & Singapore SPE

Forbidden Light has brought a huge shift to the meta-game – taking the lead is much hyped Ultra Necrozma GX/Malamar (Forbidden Light), and its pure Psychic counterpart, Necrozma GX/Malamar. But one thing that hasn’t changed is Buzzwole GX’s dominance. Forbidden Light brings it with a massive boost to the already powerful mosquito, like Diancie Prism […]

Malaysia Pokémon Regional Championships Guide

First of all, many apologies for the relatively late announcement of this event. We hope that despite the short time-frame, arrangements can still be made for you to attend this Regional Championships, which had the largest attendance in South East Asia last year ! General Event Info Date : 2nd-3rd June 2018 Location : DA […]

Aaron’s Choice 1: The Journey Begins

Introduction to Aaron’s Choice Hello, and welcome to a new monthly column by me, Aaron Minjoot, where I rant about why VikaBulu is the best deck in format… … … … I’m kidding of course! Still, welcome to Team Rainbow Wing, Malaysia’s premier source for all things Pokémon TCG. Editor-in-chief of teamrainbowwing.com, The Honorary Nicholas […]