Event Report: Malaysia League Challenge July 2018

This month’s League Challenges marked the beginning of the 2018/2019 season for the Pokémon TCG! With Worlds (and a new format) just around the corner, July’s League Challenge events were the last official local tournaments to use the Breakthrough – Forbidden Light format. These are the results: TOYSBAR LEAGUE CHALLENGE Date : 21st July 2018 Attendance […]

Rogue Rodents 5: Rotom (Ultra Prism and Forbidden Light)

Welcome once again to Rogue Rodents, our monthly feature of playable rogue decks sure to take your opponent by surprise. The multi-type Rotoms were interesting additions to the Ultra Prism and Forbidden Light releases, but not many people have taken it seriously. Rinesh John however, managed to win a few local tournaments with this iteration […]

Pokémon TCG Meta-Snapshot July 2018: North America Internationals Lookback

What an end – 3-time International Championship winner Tord Reklev falls at the finals against Stephane Ivanoff’s Zoroark Garbodor to win the North America International Championships this season. It also marks the cut-off date for accumulating points this season – any League Challenges and League Cups from here on out contribute to qualifying for the 2019 […]