Rogue Rodents 5: Rotom (Ultra Prism and Forbidden Light)

Welcome once again to Rogue Rodents, our monthly feature of playable rogue decks sure to take your opponent by surprise.

The multi-type Rotoms were interesting additions to the Ultra Prism and Forbidden Light releases, but not many people have taken it seriously. Rinesh John however, managed to win a few local tournaments with this iteration of the Rotom deck.

Rinesh Rotom Rogue Rodents.jpeg
Switched to 3 Ultra Ball and 4 Field Blower

The deck was concocted by both Rinesh and Syahmi Razak, to try and play something different that could effectively counter the current meta.

The idea of this deck is to use different Rotom types, all single prize attackers, to counter the most popular decks today. All the Rotom share the same Ability, Roto Motor – If you have 9 or more Pokémon Tool cards in your discard pile, ignore all Energy in the Attack cost of each of this Pokémon’s attacks.

The Psychic Rotom (Forbidden Light) is used to counter the Buzzwole GX and Buzzwole (Forbidden Light) that have rampantly dominated the meta, as well as hitting weakness against Necrozma GX.

The Mow Rotom (Ultra Prism), combined with a Choice Band and Professor Kukui, is able to take down Lycanroc GX or Zygarde GX in a single blow.

Heat Rotom (Ultra Prism) is the counter for Metal type decks like Dusk Mane Necrozma GX, and also hits Golisopod GX for weakness.

The remaining Rotom are one copy each to counter other Pokémon deck archetypes under the radar, like Water weakness Volcanion EX. Plus, Rescue Stretcher is available to revive any Rotom of choice.

You need to get as many Pokémon Tool cards in your Discard Pile early in order to Attack with a Rotom as soon as possible. The deck plays 4 Professor Sycamore and 2 Sophocles – options to easily discard Pokémon Tool cards as fast as possible.

The Bursting Balloon plays a dual role in the deck. It deters your opponent from attacking your Active Pokémon, and heads straight to your Discard Pile whether it was used or not. Additionally, there are 4 Field Blowers to not only protect yourself against Garbodor (Breakpoint), but to discard your own Items to activate the Rotom Ability.

Rinesh explains the idea Turn 1 would be to have 5 Pokémon Tools and a Professor Sycamore, which guarantees by Turn 2, your Rotom of choice would most likely have the 9 Pokémon Tools in the discard pile for a free Attack.

When playing against the mighty Buzzwole GX, use the Fan Rotom to stall for time until you manage to get 9 Pokémon Tools into the Discard Pile. Once that’s prepared, use the Psychic-type Rotom to Attack Buzzwole.

Against Lycanroc GX, while you can focus on using the Mow Rotom to hit it for weakness, you can also ready the Wash Rotom as backup.

Sometimes, when you can’t hit for weakness, try to deal as much damage as possible to get the KO in two hits. Rinesh tells of one match where he played against Dawn Wings – with a Darkness-type weakness. He realised that his Frost Rotom was able to deal the KO with its Frost Crush Attack and a Choice Band (deals 10+ 20 more damage times the number of Energy attached to all opponent’s Pokémon)

Rinesh says the Rotom deck perfoms poorly against a Zoroark GX variant deck. This is primarily because none of the Rotom are able to deal a one hit KO on Zoroark GX, and most Zoroark GX variants play Acerola. (He does wish a Fighting-type Rotom exists).

Another deck that Rotom has no chance against is Greninja (Breakpoint). In his own words, once your opponent manages to use Shadow Stitching, “Just offer your opponent a handshake and concede defeat.”

Otherwise, Rinesh is confident that the deck is able to punch above its weight against the best.

Rinesh recommends switching two Guzma in the deck for Counter Catcher. Most of the time, playing Rotom will mean you are behind in the Prize race, and Counter Catcher will help you pick out the ideal opponent Benched Pokémon to KO, without using a Supporter card for the turn.



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