Rogue Rodents 8: Venusaur/Shining Genesect

With another round of League Challenges without Lost Thunder happening this weekend, we thought to feature another pre-Lost Thunder deck – from one local Pokémon deck builder who is no stranger to Rogue Rodents.

Syahmi Razak has indirectly contributed to this feature before (here and here) and has recently made Top 4 of November’s Toysbar League Challenge with this interesting creation – Venusaur/Shining Genesect, a deck first seen in the Memphis Regional Championships 2017, now given a new lease of life post-rotation.

Rogue Rodents 8 - Venusaur Shining Genesect

Syahmi’s inspiration for the deck came before the Oceania International Championships 2018 – after Harrison Grandish took the deck to 10th spot in Memphis months before. He put his own spin to the deck with the addition of Zoroark GX for added consistency. Zoroark GX functioned as both draw support and a great secondary attacker. However, post rotation saw the loss of Max Elixir, the primary way to accelerate Energy onto Shining Genesect.

Recently though, Syahmi spotted a Shining Genesect deck on HeyFonte that utilised 4 Wishful Baton – inspiring him to build this current iteration of the deck. As Garbodor (Breakpoint) and Parallel City are no longer in the format, many decks do not play Field Blower, which means Wishful Baton will most likely stay on the field attached and help save a ton of Energy Cards to keep this deck running hot. 

Objective – Overrun the opponent with Shining Genesect

Syahmi’s gameplay is to overrun the opponent with a strong non-GX Pokémon (Shining Genesect) which only concedes one Prize. Shining Genesect is able to two-hit Knock Out most Pokémon GX and deal a one-hit Knock Out late game with the addition of Shrine of Punishment. 

How to Play

Syahmi tells us the key to playing this deck is making sure a Venusaur is set up by turn 2, so your Shining Genesect is able to hit 130 damage with 2 Grass Energy attached.

The ideal Turn 1 for Syahmi would be a Shining Genesect on the Active Pokémon spot, plus a Nest Ball and Ultra Ball in hand to search for 2 Bulbasaur to place on the Bench. Attach the Grass Energy onto Shining Genesect, and play a Supporter like Lillie for a maximum draw of up to 8 cards on the first turn. 

With less Field Blower played post-rotation, getting a Wishful Baton attached to your Shining Genesect is crucial to keep Energy cards on the field if it gets Knocked Out – so a fresh Shining Genesect is ready to replace it. With another Energy attachment, the new Shining Genesect is able to hit for 170 damage. Syahmi adds that Wishful Baton saving Energy cards early-on is crucial to build momentum. 

The two Rayquaza in the deck are interesting additions. “Baby” Rayquaza (Guardians Rising) Turbo Storm is able to bring back Grass Energy from the Discard Pile, serving as a substitute if plenty of Grass Energy got discarded early game or if a Shining Genesect got Knocked Out without a Wishful Baton attached.

Rayquaza GX, on the other hand, is only in the deck for its Ability Stormy Winds. In an emergency, for instance, if you missed an Energy attachment in a turn, you can use Stormy Winds to get a Grass Energy from the Discard Pile and move it to Shining Genesect using its Energy Reload Ability.


Unlike most of our previous Rogue Rodents, Syahmi stresses that Venusaur/Shining Genesect has the same game plan for all matches. Get your Venusaur up as soon as possible, and hit your opponents hard with Shining Genesect and Shrine of Punishment. 


This deck, like all other Stage 2 decks, is unfortunately inconsistent because it’s reliant on Rare Candy.

Decks that also play Field Blower will also punish this deck heavily. Syahmi recalls losing at a League Challenge to an opponent who played two Field Blower. In that match, he lost all his Energy Cards on the field in one turn. 

Future Changes

Syahmi looks forward to adding the new Nagadanel from Lost Thunder into the deck. He suggests removing Rayquaza, Rayquaza GX and the Order Pads for a 2-2 line of Nagadanel. With Nagadanel’s Ability, the deck is able to get an extra free Energy attachment every turn.

Oh, and one last thing from Syahmi:

Lu Sampah Bro! 

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