The Resurgence of Zygarde-GX

For most people that have been following the metagame since the tail-end of last season, Zygarde-GX has been getting a cult following since it was popularized by Klive Aw in the run-up to the 2018 World Championships, with the Singaporean piloting it to a popular third place in Nashville. Many people have attempted to bring […]

An OCIC Metagame Preview by Yuki Fujimori

The Oceania International Championships kick off TOMORROW and we’ve got a special article written by our own resident Japanese player in Malaysia, Yuki Fujimori! Yuki has graciously agreed to do a write-up of the current metagame with Team Up legal, from a Japanese player’s perspective. Without further ado, let’s go straight into it! Hello Trainers! […]

Malaysia Pok√©mon Regional Championships Guide

First of all, many apologies for the relatively late announcement of this event. We hope that despite the short time-frame, arrangements can still be made for you to attend this Regional Championships, which had the largest attendance in South East Asia last year ! General Event Info Date : 2nd-3rd June 2018 Location : DA […]

December Event Recap : League Challenge Weekend & Cup

The first two weekends in December were busy ones with back-to-back weekends of Pokemon action, 2 League Challenges followed by a League Cup the weekend after. We’re back with another recap on how the metagame is shaping up to be, with the addition of cards from Crimson Invasion. Pay close attention as what top players […]

Result Watch – April 2017

We’ve just wrapped up a busy weekend for a number of Malaysians competing overseas and so here are updates on all the action that happened. But before we get to those results, we’d also like to update on 2 League Challenges that occurred in April. Perhaps this will give a hint on what would be […]

The Lowdown on Oceania Internationals

As the Oceania International Championships come to a close over the last weekend, some players were given a shock surprise of a new archetype that seemed to have taken the tournament by storm – Decidueye GX. As if players were given a warning beforehand, Decidueye GX did take a 2nd place finish in the Collinsville […]

League Challenge Results & Analysis – Feb & Mar 2017

With the conclusion of the 4th and final League Challenge held within the Klang Valley, here is a compilation of all results. The first League Challenge saw the first time Sun & Moon cards being tournament legal, with a good number of players starting to experiment with new card combos. League Challenge – 18 February […]