Athavan’s Adventures: How I got to Worlds

Once a head judge (and judging on-stream at the Oceania International Championships), this season Athavan Akilan switched gears, qualifying as a player for the 2019 Pokémon TCG World Championships — fulfilling a childhood dream to play at the Worlds Championships (and win a bet against a certain player to beat his CP for previous season). […]

Countdown to OCIC 2019 2: Latias & Latios-GX

With input from Syahmi Razak Clueless on what to play for the upcoming Oceania International Championships 2019? Syahmi Razak is here to help. The deck builder is no stranger to us, and we are happy to feature his latest ideas – just in time for OCIC. In collaboration with Team Sampah, Syahmi has plenty of […]

Rogue Rodents 9: Donphan

It’s been a while, but Rogue Rodents is back for 2019! Our first feature of the year looks to Penang’s Pichubros League Challenge back in December last year, where Wiiji Lim managed to sneak into Top 8 with an interesting Donphan deck.  Objective: Defence is the best offence Wiiji built the deck to counter the […]

Rogue Rodents 8: Venusaur/Shining Genesect

With another round of League Challenges without Lost Thunder happening this weekend, we thought to feature another pre-Lost Thunder deck – from one local Pokémon deck builder who is no stranger to Rogue Rodents. Syahmi Razak has indirectly contributed to this feature before (here and here) and has recently made Top 4 of November’s Toysbar League Challenge […]