An OCIC Metagame Preview by Yuki Fujimori

The Oceania International Championships kick off TOMORROW and we’ve got a special article written by our own resident Japanese player in Malaysia, Yuki Fujimori! Yuki has graciously agreed to do a write-up of the current metagame with Team Up legal, from a Japanese player’s perspective. Without further ado, let’s go straight into it! Hello Trainers! […]

Pokémon TCG Meta-Snapshot July 2018: North America Internationals Lookback

What an end – 3-time International Championship winner Tord Reklev falls at the finals against Stephane Ivanoff’s Zoroark Garbodor to win the North America International Championships this season. It also marks the cut-off date for accumulating points this season – any League Challenges and League Cups from here on out contribute to qualifying for the 2019 […]

Pokémon TCG Meta-Snapshot May/June 2018: Road to Malaysia Regional Championships & Singapore SPE

Forbidden Light has brought a huge shift to the meta-game – taking the lead is much hyped Ultra Necrozma GX/Malamar (Forbidden Light), and its pure Psychic counterpart, Necrozma GX/Malamar. But one thing that hasn’t changed is Buzzwole GX’s dominance. Forbidden Light brings it with a massive boost to the already powerful mosquito, like Diancie Prism […]