Journey to Worlds – A Cost Breakdown

Written by Malik Hisyam Zaihan, Aaron Minjoot, Colin Tang and Nicholas Yong     In Southeast Asia where premier events are spread out across the region, travel seems to be a necessity in order to capture a Worlds invitation. Of course, while a string of high placements at events within the country can still earn […]

Rogue Rodents 6: Lycanroc GX/Malamar

Welcome once again to Rogue Rodents, our feature for playable rogue decks sure to take your opponent by surprise. Some of you may be reading the title of this Rogue Rodents feature completely confused. Nevertheless, Keith Yong emerged champion with this deck in July’s C&H League Challenge with this idea to play Lycanroc GX (Guardians […]

Event Report: Malaysia League Challenge July 2018

This month’s League Challenges marked the beginning of the 2018/2019 season for the Pokémon TCG! With Worlds (and a new format) just around the corner, July’s League Challenge events were the last official local tournaments to use the Breakthrough – Forbidden Light format. These are the results: TOYSBAR LEAGUE CHALLENGE Date : 21st July 2018 Attendance […]

Rogue Rodents 5: Rotom (Ultra Prism and Forbidden Light)

Welcome once again to Rogue Rodents, our monthly feature of playable rogue decks sure to take your opponent by surprise. The multi-type Rotoms were interesting additions to the Ultra Prism and Forbidden Light releases, but not many people have taken it seriously. Rinesh John however, managed to win a few local tournaments with this iteration […]

Pokémon TCG Meta-Snapshot July 2018: North America Internationals Lookback

What an end – 3-time International Championship winner Tord Reklev falls at the finals against Stephane Ivanoff’s Zoroark Garbodor to win the North America International Championships this season. It also marks the cut-off date for accumulating points this season – any League Challenges and League Cups from here on out contribute to qualifying for the 2019 […]