Nicholas Yong

nicholas yong trw 4_3

The Editor of Team Rainbow Wing’s website and Writer for a number of features — including interviews with top players and rogue deck features (Rogue Rodents). He also plans and coordinates articles with the team.

Nicholas started playing the Pokémon TCG from the Base Set, returning sporadically to the game for fun. He returned to the competitive circuit in 2017, subsequently qualifying and playing at the Pokémon World Championship 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

(Fun fact: The three decks from Klive Aw, Clifton Goh and Keith Yong that were featured on the website, were played in Day 2 of Worlds 2018)

Nicholas is also one of the Editors at PokeBeach, working on the Pokémon TCG Premium Articles at one of the oldest Pokémon fansites in the world.

Aaron Minjoot


Aaron is one of the founding members of Team Rainbow Wing. Since starting off casually at the age of 8, Aaron has had almost two decades of fun in the Pokemon TCG, turning competitive in the 2011-2012 season. He has competed in Southeast Asia as well as Australia and is aiming to make a full competitive comeback after a brief hiatus.

Community-driven and a keen writer, he has high hopes for the future of the Malaysian Pokémon TCG scene and aims to reach out to players new and old via articles and media that engage and inspire.

Malik Hisyam Zaihan


Malik is one of the founding members of Team Rainbow Wing. He has been playing Pokémon TCG competitively for at least 10 years and has qualified for the World Championships 4 times, placing in Top16 at the 2008 edition.

At Team Rainbow Wing, Malik tracks local competitive results and data, acts as an in-house graphic designer whilst managing all social media and event announcements.

Malik is also a certified Pokémon Professor and steps in to judge smaller sanctioned events such as Prereleases and League Challenges.

Darren Chien

darren chien trw

Darren is one of the founding members of Team Rainbow Wing. He started out in 2008 as a casual Pokemon TCG player but stopped playing one year later due to financial problems. However, in late 2012, he returned back to the scene with a few of his friends after looking at the new Pokémon-EX cards.

He started writing articles on Pokémon TCG back in 2015 at Pokémon Malaysia Central. As a founding member, he continues to contribute valuable insights into the game through The Expert Belt feature, working together with Nicholas Yong to grow the Team Rainbow Wing website.

Darren is also an avid Esports fan and loves to do commentary. For Pokémon TCG, he started out commentating for the first Pokémon TCG Hunter’s Cup back in 2015. He was also the commentator for Malaysia Pokémon TCG Regional Championships in 2017 and 2018.

Colin Tang

whatsapp image 2019-01-28 at 17.06.40

Colin started playing the Pokémon TCG from the Base Set (that’s how old he actually is). He rediscovered the game just in time for the 2017/2018 season – winning the Perth Regional Championships and qualifying for Worlds 2018 in his first season back.

He currently manages Team Rainbow Wing’s Accounts and Community Projects such as the Apprenticeship Program.

As a certified Pokémon Professor, Colin also helps to judge smaller events such as League Challenges and Prereleases from time to time.

Michael Lim

Michael started playing the Pokémon  TCG since 2016 immediately after he heard that Darkrai was a Tier 1 deck. He was a player throughout most of the season but decided to become a judge toward the end of 2017 (subsequently joining Team Rainbow Wing in the process).

He has gained alot of experience in judging after learning from both Athavan and Bert who were the Head Judges before him. He wishes that he will be able to further grow and improve the Malaysian community.

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